Jumat, 23 September 2011 | 06.21 | 4 comments

[Q] What the name of your blog ?
[A] RanaPevensie.

[Q] Why ?
[A] Narnia is my Inspiration

[Q] What the name of the template that you use ?
[A] Denim by Darren Delaye and Edit again by Me

[Q] Can you Edit My blog ?
[A] Sure, but I'm so Busy to edit your blog. Maybe after I graduated

[Q] Where You get Tutorials ?
[A] Kemetot Chomel, Lulu, Tyra and the Famous Blogger in Malaysia

[Q] May I copy the Tutorials ?
[A] Sure, but Plus Credit and put My blog link in the your Sidebar or Every Tutorials Post

[Q] What software you use to edit your blog ?
[A] PhotoScape, PhotoShop, Gimp 2.0

[Q] Where you get a cute picture photography ?
[A] Tumblr, Photobucket

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